The King's Way Home

Hidden Scrolls Series

by Thomas Pizur (Author)

The Hidden Scrolls: Brought to China by a Syrian monk, the Scrolls contain a timeless wisdom for humanity. For hundreds of years, they have remained in the East.

Now a Chinese master gives Captain Jacob van Horn a sacred mission: Find the one in the West destined to receive the Scrolls’ wisdom.

To van Horn’s surprise, sixteen-year-old James IV of Scotland is the one he seeks. But Scotland is on the brink of a bloody civil war where James will have to fight his own father for the throne.

In his battles, the young prince must use the Scrolls and van Horn’s guidance, the love of Margaret Drummond, and a game his father has banned to gain and hold the crown. But another, more important destiny arises within him . . .  

Then a tragic loss strikes at the pinnacle of his success. The Scrolls’ wisdom must help him find his way, or James IV will lose not only the throne but a priceless gift meant for the world.