About the Author

Tom Pizur, Author

Tom Pizur was a young child when his family moved to a poor, working-class neighborhood in Youngstown, Ohio. What he found there left a lasting impression.

“I still remember the love and warmth of the people in that neighborhood. I felt like I could go up to any house, stranger or not, and be cared for and fed with the best that house had to offer. Many of these strangers gave my family food off their own tables. Together, we were all poor and lived under the threat of eviction. Whether we were black or white didn’t matter. In that neighborhood, I learned about unconditional giving and love.”

After a few years, his family moved to Lake Zurich, IL. As Tom grew older, he began searching for that kind of unconditional love. That path led him to explore various spiritual traditions, such as Catholicism, Buddhism, and Taoism,. He studied and taught in many forms of martial arts. But that old sense of belonging and purpose eluded him. Then in the 1980s, Tom watched his older brother struggle to receive veterans’ benefits and fight the Veterans Administration to keep them.

“I decided our country’s veterans and their widows needed some help. Since 1997, I’ve been fortunate enough to assist thousands of U.S. vets.” Listening to the stories of these veterans and their families, the idea for The King’s Way Home was born. These people had love, then the losses, then recovered love again through the difficulties of their life. That’s the hope. Love is there to be found again. That is the core of my life and the core of my book.